I've Only Been A Thief

by Khamsin

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    Front artwork: "There Clouds Were Really Bright That Night" by Bill Killebrew.
    Design by Michael Pfohl and Matt Tyndall.

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Sound clip on Saturnine: Winston Churchill
Thanks to:
Andrew Gomez, our fearless producer and friend.
Michael Pfohl, our label-dude, open ear, and friend.


released 29 January 2014

Jacob Curry
Brenden Ambrose
Zach Nix
Josh Groppel



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Entry Fee
I’ve been here far too long
And haven’t even gone to bed
I know it doesn’t matter, these sheets are not my own
And all that time has seen, is more than what I know

Are you asleep, or does your speech
Sound that much like snoring?
Maybe my sounds stole into your throat

I’ve been hiding far too long
Hanging on your ankles’ ends
Don’t let me go, you know I’ll try run to away
I’ve been here too short a time
Now is not our time to die
Regardless how I step or sleep, take my creaking bones

Are you asleep, or does your speech
Sound that much like snoring?
Maybe my sounds stole into your throat
You’ll never see such a change
Nor will I, I’ll take my name
So will I? I’ll take my time!

I won’t take anything at all
I’ll claim nothing as my own
I’ll give it all away
Maybe my sounds stole right into your throat
Track Name: Persipan For Marzipan
Everything was just fine an hour ago!

You brought me in and poured me some tea
“I’ll just avoid it”—and kept everything concrete
Drawn out conversation. Scared of the sound of my own voice!
We talked, but I was so idealistic, I nearly missed it.
That subtle glance, sly and ill-perceived.
Did it boil my blood, no. It nearly had my deceived.
If I were a lost boy, you had the map.
You led me in circles, with my foot in a trap.

Like twisted fibers, your limbs wrap around, intertwined: a make-shift shield against that which we cannot see.
The new shapes create an untouchable terrain, peaks and valleys: your chest as you breathe.
Everything fond is now distant and replaced by fissures and quakes!
They’ll testify, it’s not the earth below, but they’ll know your irreverent shakes.
Of course, your words may change, my body may sway, but remember there is nothing new.
These things you’ve seen, though dangerous they seem—fear not, the Light is with you.
Just like the birds migrate, we try to escape our fates: a bear trap I’ve fallen in time and time again!
The wounds give me a second chance, and I give You a second glance, as I become ensnared again.
Track Name: Limbs As Pages
"Are you worth your weight in gold?"
You'll forget your body's not your home
There are worms and beetles standing ground
To fill it once you've hollowed out

All I've ever wanted was relief
Every leaf's a treasure, I've only been a thief
I hold so tightly to my limbs,
Have I faded with every sin?

They tear out single pages from our books
We know we don't read anyway
Has every word written on our limbs
Faded with every sin?

Dog fights
Fish knives
You bury all the worms in your mind
"Your body is worthless"
Track Name: Thieves
"Idealistic" is the way to be
Especially when our perception’s the only thing we’ve seen
That must be it, our roots have died
Let the wolves and their kind make out like thieves in the night

“Will we ever make it out alive?”
Lord, you’re so far from what I know
Will You take it all away
Take it all away?
If the birds of the air
Don’t sow or reap
Won’t You take it all away?
Take it all away!